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    John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats joins Fresh Air to talk about his new novel, Wolf in White Van, his dark adolescence, and the best part of his job: 

    "I hang out and sign records for an hour or two hours every night and I like to hear as many people’s stories as I can, because if somebody wants to share their story with me, I want to honor that. … But if you’re hearing a bunch of [stories], it gets very intense. It’s a lot.

    I feel a duty. … I really think there’s a lot of music you can use to heal and save yourself. It’s not like I have some magic power and I reached inside somebody and said, “Oh, you didn’t know this about yourself until I wrote this song.” That’s not true. What I did is I made a thing, and somebody who needed to find something found mine and chose to meet me out on that ground.

    It’s this area of communication that is unique to music, I think. That’s a choice that the listener makes to share that part of themselves with the artist who hopefully shared part of himself. … It’s very intense to have those sorts of conversations, have people sharing stuff that may be a secret, but I try to be worthy of it. It’s an honor. I’ve worked a lot of jobs — this is the best one.”

    "Music is all"

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    Crayons as pixels

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    Come see this painting and a bunch of other new work October 2nd at The Loin. First Thursday. 914 Larkin st. SF. #art #theloin #tenderloin


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    DEC PDP-8/I and PDP-8/L (c.1968).

    Apple rumors are so out of control.

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  8. SDM Apartment by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop | Posted by CJWHO.com
    SDM Apartment by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop | Posted by CJWHO.com
    SDM Apartment by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop | Posted by CJWHO.com
    SDM Apartment by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop | Posted by CJWHO.com


    SDM Apartment, Mumbai, India by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop | via

    Located in central Mumbai, our client builds a 6 story building, 2 for each apartment, we simultaneously perform 3 interior design projects for 3 different clients, all from the same family; parents, (an older couple) and 2 families of young couples with children, each with different needs and personalities, this is how we address the same space with different distributions, each had a different reason on which interiors are designed, a concept far from typical housing in India, a space for living inside, contrasting with its urban context, with its social environment.

    Specifically in the SDM apartment, after a talk with each member of the family, we got a well defined program based on the customs of each user and each space, the staircase located at the center of the apartment. It was designed as a sculpture in the space with more light and natural ventilation; with very subtle lines but protagonist of the space, it can be seen almost from anywhere in the public areas, it becomes the articulator of spaces and is replicated in other architectural elements such as blinds and ceiling; every space, every detail meets a special character of the users, every color, every picture, every kitchen utensil, every linen was specifically chosen to complete this project and to make it unique.

    Photography: Courtesy of Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop

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    The stairs are at both organic/skeletal and rectilinear.

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    We just finalized the jacket design for my forthcoming book, THE BUSINESS ROMANTIC. The photo shoot - with the prolific Beowulf Sheehan - was a romantic experience in and of itself: surprising busy downtown SF professionals with a gift box and an air of mystique…

    Why do all the people I know write books? Because they’re authors, that’s why. @timleberecht

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    Notebooks by Palas Pandıras on Tumblr


    Delicious notebooks.

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